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Jackson Galaxy - Total Cat Mojo LIVE Tour

Jackson Galaxy is the host of Animal Planet’s longtime running hit show My Cat From Hell, author of two NY Times Best Selling books, and known everywhere as the “Cat Daddy”.  Jackson was once a struggling musician who took a job in an animal shelter and found that he had a special relationship with cats and a new way of working with them - something he calls Cat Mojo. Come learn how Jackson found his Mojo and how you can find yours.  Get to know all cats: your cat (the cat on your couch) and the “Raw Cat” (the ancestor who your cat takes orders from).  Come have fun while learning everything cat: from history, to environmental enrichment, best diet, and little secrets that only the Cat Daddy can give you! You may even have a chance to ask him your question in the audience Q&A that follows.

Mulroy Civic Center Theaters
Sat, 11/17/2018 - 8:00pm